Advanced Nutrition for Dynamic Aging.

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Protein is not just for athletic performance

Adults need more protein to prevent muscle degradation. Medical experts recommend that mature adults consume up to 65% more than young adults.

Most current options have tons of sugar
and harmful unecessary additives...

So we created a cleaner formula, packed with 23 grams of protein to maintain and strengthen your muscles, essential nootropics to support your brain and prevent cognitive decline, and natural compounds to strengthen your bones and joints, while also boosting your skin and nails!


With love from Anda

We built this formula for aging bodies but also for all bodies. Everyone deserves good nutrition and healthy protein to fuel their lives. Join us on this journey to make protein accessible to everyone. We’re sharing this labor of love with you, and hope you will use it to nourish your body and soul.

With Love,
Anda ♥
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